Educational organization that has been organizing courses, lectures, and workshops since 2014.

Reskata z.s. is a non-profit educational organization that has been organizing courses, lectures, and workshops since 2014.


It was founded in 2007 with the purpose of organizing festivals, supporting the education of women, children and minorities. Its current president is Blanka Maderová. Since 2014, Reskata’s activities range from music courses for children in Prague 6 and Prague 4 (for this  activity, please check, to recording courses for adults in Faust studios, and courses for teachers (accredited by MŠMT – Czech Ministry of Education)

Apart from these individual and small-group courses, we have organized university workshops and lectures (on music, and on culinary techniques and Czech culture) in the past 6 years. These took place in Faust studios in Prague 6 or directly at the universities, i.e. at Charles University, East and Central European Studies, NYUl, NC State European Center in Prague, Harvard Summer School, Intercultural Studies Programme at FSV UK, and University of Washington – CHID in Prague.  

Our organization is accredited by Czech Ministry of Education. We currently offer 2 courses (Recording and Reflection of Music for Pedagogues, and Music Composition and Arrangement for Pedagogues) for teachers of elementary and secondary schools, and music conservatories. The courses are taught in Czech and English in Faust Studios in Prague 6 by Blanka Maderová and Jindřich Kravařík. 


Group courses


For adults and teachers, courses (in Czech or English) are organized by Reskata z.s. They include lessons and practice for teachers from ZUŠ (Basic Music Schools) and secondary schools and other interested individuals in ICT technologies: especially recording in ProTools or Logic (or Ableton), composing of music in Logic, making music arrangements. This helps the teachers of ZUŠ give feedback to their students (they can record their students in class, or during band/orchestra concert or practice). They can also make compositions and arrangements in computers, print the scores (from Logic) and help the students prepare for school concerts. The courses include a theoretical part and practice in small groups (up to 8 people) during (mainly) weekend workshops (6-8 hour long).


Individual courses


Our producers/mentors offer also courses of electronic music making, use of synths, making of beats, practice of analogue, tape, and digital recording for individuals. These are led by Nicholas Coolidge, Nick Fox or Blanka Maderová. We also cooperate with the renowned producer Sylvia Massy (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash, System of a Down) who teaches our students via Skype consultations or directly in our studio.


Courses for Children

As for children and teens, they can learn to play the guitar, drums, make beats, sing or play the ukulele in our Playheart school ( . We cooperate with Iva Bittova and other extraordinary mentors (video). The aim of the school is to teach the children to master the instrument during individual lessons and learn to play with others during a band practice once a month. When playing together, children and their teachers get into the so-called “primary consciousness” when they live fully in the present, share their feelings and ideas with others without judging, while cultivating empathy and team spirit.


University courses

We also organize courses for several Czech and foreign universities. These include the doctoral programme of recording and working with analogue instruments (Tonnmeister classes in Prague organized by NYU Steinhardt), workshops about Czech music and Czech food and society (Slavic Studies, Harvard University Programme in Prague), East and Central European Studies programme at Charles University (FFUK); Intercultural Studies programme at Charles University (FSV); NC State University European Center in Prague, and others.

Past events
Workshop 12.3.2019
12.3. 2019 Workshop (led by Blanka Maderova) for children from a basic school in Prague 6 – they played drums, ukulele, piano and we recorded their voices. They were great!
WORKSHOP 10.4.2019 AND 20.11.2019

Czech culture and cuisine: 2 Workshops on Czech traditional meals at NC State university kitchen in Prague (led by Ewa Grigar and Tereza Vinsova)


12.2.2018 Intercultural Music Workshop with Iva Bittova at Faust studio in Prague. Czech and American students sang Moravian songs together, did small improv solos and learnt new signing techniques with the genius, breath-taking musician Iva Bittova.
Playheart concert 10.1.2018

10.1.2018  Playheart concert at Faust Studios. Children played their first concert together with their teachers at the end of the semester. Instruments: Ukulele, guitar, piano, drums. Teachers: Jared Echo, Vanessa Gendron, Blanka Maderova, Nick Fox


current Projects

Report from the workshops in Prague

The project Healthy Eating: Utopia or a Contemporary must is sponsored by EEA/Norway grants 2014-2021. 

Sugar Survey Results

Result from the Survey „The un-sweet life of university students in the Czech Republic and Norway“ done within the Czech – Norwegian project healthy Eating: Utopia or a Contemporary Must, financed by EEA/Norway Grants 2013-2021

28.4.2021 from 1 pm: Conference: the sweet complex and the Ways of Healthy Sweetening

From 4 PM „Live“ and online Workshop Sense(s) of Sweetness at NC State University in Prague.

Reskata z.s. October 2020

Reskata z.s. received a Norway grant to work on a project called Healthy Eating – Utopia or a Contemporary Must. 

It was inspired by a newly acquired Czech Republic’s 2nd place in obesity charts in Europe and Norwegian research on sugar, advertisements, and possible political and local changes.

3 Czech scholars from Charles University and 2 Norwegian researchers from SIFO at OsloMet university in Norway will address issues of Czech and Norwegian culture, obesity, sugar and sugary drinks and youth well-being and health. 

They will organize a conference in Prague and Oslo, do several workshops, offer solutions, and write articles for both scholarly and life-style magazines. 



Blanka Maderová, PhD.

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